Which diet is best?

This is a question I’m often asked. My answer is always the same.  The diet that works the best is the one you can stick with long term. All restricted caloric diets work . Thats right!  All diets that restrict your calories will be successful.  You have to find the one you like best and stick with it long term.  One diet is not better than the other.  Paleo, low carb, Atkins, no fat, low fat, cabbage soup etc. They will all work. The dilemma is that most of us can’t stay on  one diet forever. It’s boring. It’s ok to change the diet you are on as long as you are restricting calories.  Personally, I prefer a low carbohydrate diet.  Once you get past the first two weeks your cravings for carbohydrates will definitely decrease.  On the low carb diet you’ll be eating lots of protein.  Make sure you are taking a fiber supplement or you may encounter constipation.  I encourage a glass of Metamucil once a day.