Testosterone Replacement
& ED Medications

At Erapidweightloss.com we can also help the men in our lives attain optimal testosterone levels.  Low T levels can lead to feelings of sluggishness, fatigue, depressed mood and decreased libidos. With our testosterone injections we can help you rediscover the young man still residing inside you.  We do need baseline labs done before therapy and every three months during therapy.  You can have your primary care provider do those labs for you or we can order them at the discounted rate of $100.  Our testosterone injections cost $140 per month. It is tailored to your individual testosterone blood results.  Try it!  I’ve yet to meet a man that didn’t like the way he feels with optimized testosterone.

If you have the need for erectile dysfunction medicines you have also come to the right place!  We are happy to offer Tadalafil 10mg pills for the low rate of $5 per pill.  These pills are known as the weekend pills.  They can work up to 36 hours.  Plenty of time for you and your partner to have an enjoyable weekend.  Tadalafil is the generic name of Cialis.

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