Semaglutide Side Effects

As with all drugs, Semaglutide does have some side effects when you are losing it for weight loss. Some but not all patients will become constipated. This is the most common side effect I see in my practice. To avoid this side effect I advise all patients to bulk up on fiber and to add fiber supplements such as Metamucil to your daily diet. Other side effects that may accompany use of Semaglutide include belching, feeling bloated, excessive gas, heartburn, passing gas, fever, feeling of being full or yellow eyes or skin. These side effects are not common but are in the labeling of the medication. The side effect of feeling full is actually what we want when using this drug. When you feel full from using Semaglutide from you don’t want to eat. When you don’t want to eat you lose weight. Sounds like a great way to get skinny for summer! Other possible side effects my patients tell me are temporary pain in the area where they injected the medicine. Out of 100 patients only 1 will even mention this. The needles we provide you for injecting the Semaglutide are insulin needles. These are very small and almost painless.